Dear Friends and Neighbors of Hopewell Moravian Church,

As we  continue to move through this unique and unusual time, we continue to do our best to adapt. We continue to pre-record our first segment as a preliminary to the second segment. The second segment will continue to be livestreamed to Facebook. Pre-recorded segments appear on our Youtube channel (search for Hopewell Moravian Church to get to our channel) very early each Sunday morning. Facebook livestream events begin at 10:30 each Sunday morning. For those who do not have access to either of these, contact the church office to get information on dial-in audio or video from Zoom. We continue to hold concern for both the membership of the congregation (many of whom are in the most vulnerable groups) and the larger communities of which we are a part. Individual small groups generally do not gather in person at this time. Please share this information with those who might not otherwise see it. Also, consider calling someone who will miss the social fellowship of our times of gathering.

An effort will be made to share resources for personal times of worship that may be used at home. There are opportunities to join in worship online with Hopewell and/or with other Moravian churches that are holding worship specifically for streaming/sharing online. Alternately, you may find a service on television during our usual time of worship. Watch your email and our Facebook group and page. Your prayers for the membership of our congregation, for the people in our community, and for all affected by the spread of the COVID-19 virus are encouraged. Your ongoing commitment to the financial support of the congregation will also remain important during this time.

Helpful links:

Material and information relevant to the Southern Province of the Moravian Church can be found here: (includes links to some congregations’ live-stream worship services):

Find here helpful and useful information from the Interprovincial Board of Communications (IBOC) of the Moravian Church in America (includes links to useful materials for worship and/or devotions):

As always, please let me know if I, or the church, can be of service to you.

With Hope,

Pastor Walter