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Hopewell Moravian Church
Christian Life Center Rules and Regulations

Overall Usage Guidelines
In order to maintain the Christian Life Center it is vital that everyone follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the joint Boards of Hopewell Moravian Church.

All use of this facility must be scheduled through the Church office by contacting the church office at 336-788-2289 or email at A Reservation Form must be completed and returned to the Church office before reservations can be confirmed. A Reservation Request Form can be obtained through the Church office or can be downloaded on the Hopewell website

The Christian Life Center Committee will monitor the Christian Life Center after each use. In the case of use by church members, if the areas are not organized or cleaned you will be asked to organize and/or re-clean the area. In the case of misuse by non-members, they will forfeit their deposit and pay to repair any damages. Misuse of the Christian Life Center may lead to a group or individual forfeiting their privilege to use the facility.

Liability Disclaimer
Use of the facilities and all equipment will be at the risk off the participants. Hopewell Moravian Church does not make any expressed or implied warranties of the Christian Life Center premises, equipment, machinery, fixtures or furniture. Submission of the completed request form or participation in a regularly scheduled ministry event of this Church constitutes agreement with this disclaimer.

Who May Use This Facility

  1. Established Church Groups of Hopewell Moravian Church: All Sunday School classes, Mission Minded Men, Women’s Fellowship, Jared’s Hope, Joint Boards, Bible study classes/sessions, Adult choir or any other established church group. These named groups need to contact the Church office to schedule times and dates for use of the building/facility for placement on the Christian Life Center calendar. The Reservation Request Form must be completed and turned in by these groups before the request is confirmed. These groups must follow the “General Guidelines.”

  2. Individual Church Member: Members must contact the Church office to schedule use of the facility for family events such as birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, receptions, showers, etc. They need to complete a Reservation Request Form and comply with all “General Guidelines.” Individual church members are strongly encouraged to make a donation to cover utility usage (suggested donation of $50.00).

  3. Non-Member Individual or Group: Individuals or groups, who are not members of Hopewell Moravian Church, must contact the Church office and complete and submit a “Reservation Request Form” for use of the facility. A usage fee of $200.00 and a security/cleaning deposit of $50,00 (total $250.00) must be submitted with the “Reservation Request Form.” The security deposit will be refunded within 7 days after a cleaning inspection is performed.

General Guidelines

  1. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances, no carrying and/or use of firearms, knives or other dangerous weapons will be allowed in the Church buildings or on the Church grounds. No use of tobacco products are allowed in the Church buildings
  2. No animals except “service dogs” are allowed in the Christian Life Center.
  3. Only one group will be permitted to use the facility at a time and that group will have exclusive use of the building for that time period.
  4. Reservations will only be accepted up to 12 months prior to event.
  5. No use can extend beyond 10:00 p.m. without prior approval of the Board of Trustees.
  6. Annually scheduled Church events take priority in scheduling (examples: Homecoming, Chicken Stew, etc)
  7. “First Come First Served” will be observed for reservations.
  8. A Christian Life Center Committee member will provide access to the building. A walk-through will be performed prior to the beginning of the event to assist you in the proper use of the facility and after the event is finished.
  9. Any member or non-member using the building for financial gain of non-church sponsored events must pay a fee determined by the Board of Trustees.
  10. The person reserving the facility is responsible for false alarms and damage to the facility or equipment and must be present during the entire function.
  11. Leave the facility clean and exactly like you found it.
  12. Nothing is to be attached to or hung from the walls, ceiling, doors and/or floors. Only table decorations will be allowed.
  13. Tables and chairs are available for your use. Please load, move, and unload them carefully. Clean them with the provided cleaner. Please return the main areas of the Christian Life Center to the set up found upon your arrival. Tables and chairs are NOT to be removed from the Christian Life Center.

Kitchen Rules

  1. All equipment in the kitchen that is used must cleaned.
  2. Wash all dishes and utensils and return to designated location,
  3. Return and store all equipment in its place.
  4. Clear and clean cabinet counters with provided cleaner and wipe down outside of cabinet doors if soiled’
  5. Clean sinks, rinse and dry down.
  6. Empty all garbage cans trash bags into the dumpster beside the picnic shelter. Return cans to original location and replace liners, securing with attached bungee cord.
  7. Do not leave any leftover food, drinks or condiments from your meal in the kitchen, or in the refrigerator or freezers. You must take home or dispose of any leftover items.
  8. For Non-Members, the Christian Life Center Committee representative will take the dirty towels, dish cloths or other linens home to wash and dry and return promptly
  9. Any member using the facility must take the dirty towels, dish cloths or other linens home to wash and dry and return to the church promptly.
  10. Report any damage to the Christian Life Center Committee member that meets you for your event. All groups, members or non-members, are responsible for any damage to church property or equipment and will be required to pay for repairs or replacement. The cost is to be determined by the Board of Trustees. This cost will be above fees already agreed on for rental of the facility.
  11. All cooking appliances must be turned off.
  12. To avoid a fire hazard, there will be no unattended cooking in the kitchen.
  13. The dishwasher and convection oven are used only at church-sponsored events and cannot be used by non-members.
  14. All supplies needed to clean the facility are located in the cabinet under the sink.
  15. Please provide your own paper goods for non-church events.

Bathroom Rules

  1. Check to see that all toilets have been flushed. Make sure toilets are not running.
  2. Replace empty toilet paper rolls. Toilet paper is located in the bathroom cabinet.
  3. Empty trash and replace liners. Trash bags are available in the bathroom cabinet.
  4. Turn out lights and fans in bathrooms.
  5. Leave bathrooms clean and exactly like you found them or better.
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